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Welcome!  The International Society of Chemical Ecology (ISCE) is organized exclusively for scientific purposes, and specifically to promote the understanding of interactions between organisms and their environment that are mediated by naturally occurring chemicals. Research areas include the chemistry, biochemistry and function of natural products, their importance at all levels of ecological organization, their evolutionary origin, and their practical application.

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Annual Meeting: Atlanta, USA
Image of Atlanta, Georgia

The 35th annual meeting of the ISCE was held in Atlanta, Georgia from 2-6 June 2019, and hosted by by Mark Hay and Julia Kubanek of the Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Biological Sciences and Aquatic Chemical Ecology Center.

Congratulations to the organizers for a successful meeting! The scientific program, including oral and poster abstracts, is available on the the official meeting website as well the ISCE meeting archive. Photographs of the meeting may be contributed here. Check back soon for information on the 2020 meeting, to be held in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Recent News

In Memoriam:

Society member and former ISCE president Prof. Kenji Mori passed away on April 16, 2019, at the age of 84. Prof. Mori was a prolific organic chemist, a founder of the Asia-Pacific Association of Chemical Ecologists, and an exemplary ambassador for interdisciplinary research through dedication, inspiration, disciplinary rigor, and human understanding. For more about Prof. Mori's life, please continue reading here.

21 June 2019:

The Chemical Ecology group at Bielefeld University is seeking a doctoral student to study the detoxification of plant compounds by selected herbivorous insect species. [view listing]

5 June 2019:

A postdoctoral position is available in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University to study the cardiac glycosides of milkweed. [view listing]

26 May 2019:

The Division of Agricultural Entomology at the University of Göttingen invites applications for a postdoctoral position in agricultural entomology and applied chemical and molecular ecology. [view listing]

22 May 2019:

The second issue of the 2019 ISCE newsletter is published and available for viewing online! [view newsletters]

19 May 2019:

A PhD position is available with the Molecular Evolutionary Biology and Chemical Communication group at the University of Münster to study sexual signaling in parasitoid wasps. [view listing]

9 April 2019:

The International Max Planck Research School invites applications for five doctoral students to join several ongoing projects in the field of chemical ecology. [view listing]

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